London Bridge, more than just a bridge!


London Bridge

London Bridge can trace its roots back to when the Romans first arrived on our shores and developed a settlement along the River Thames over two thousand years ago, calling it Londinium. The Romans built a wooden bridge close to the site of the present London Bridge, in fact the original structure was located 60 metres downstream of the current structure, a pier support was excavated in 1981 on the northern bank of the Thames.

For the next six hundred years the wooden structure that was built by the Romans fell into disrepair and the crossing varied from ferries to timber constructions.

After the construction of three more timber bridges a priest named Peter de Colechurch decided to construct the bridge in stone, the bridge took 33 years to build, during which three reigning monarchs, Henry ll, Richard the Lionheart and King John served on the throne, it was…

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